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With our modern CNC mandrel bending machines we are able to bend round and square hollow tube profiles with varying wall thickness, within a range of 16 mm up to 60.3 mm in virtually any desired shape.Lees meer

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Are you looking for a specialist in tube rolling? Therm-Control Bending uses modern machines voor rolling round, square, angular profiles, on cnc rolling machines.Lees meer

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Besides bending and rolling of steel tubes, metallurgy is also part of our service. You can think of rejuvenate tubes, pipe welding, punching and prefabbing of pipe systems. Lees meer

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CNC tube bending, see how it works!

CNC tube bending? See how it works!

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Therm-Control Bending is constantly innovating. Because of our problem solving attitude, more and more businesses find their way to our service. On our news page we gladly inform you about our latest project in tube bending and rolling.

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